Webinar on The right to information act


The right to information act which is popularly referred to as RTI,is one of the most powerful weapons available to the common man for ensuring transparency and accountability in all Sphere's of governance.The legislation of RTI has widely been acclaimed as a significant step made by the country towards improving the democratic process and ensuring people's participation in the nation building exercise. With an application that could be filed on a white paper and affixed with a court fee stamp worth Rs.10, any citizen of the country can avail of a host of valuable information on a wide range of areas of governance,decision making process and procedures including cabinet notes. As it has turned out to be one of the most powerful weapons of the common man,several interested groups,power lobbies,and a section of bureaucrats have found it uncomfortable as their varied acts and deeds can be exposed or their rationale being questioned and corruption exposed. Fifteen years after this enactment,the RTI has undergone several changes,some for good and some for bad.The powers and tenure and some other service conditions of the public information commissioners have been modified,which has led to serious criticisms, considering the changes that are taking place in the legislation and it's fall out.

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