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        It is with immense pride and satisfaction that we announce the results of the 2nd SNLC Legal Essay Writing Competition, 2015. The response to this competition was overwhelming. The entries received exceeded hundred. All entries were thoroughly reviewed by an expert panel. The essay which was adjudged as ‘Best Essay’ carried a cash prize of 8000/- and the ‘Second Best Essay’ carried a cash prize of 5000/- .The essay’s which were adjudged as the Best Essay and Second Best Essay are the following: Best Essay- ANAND SWAROOP DAS , DHRUV TIWARI, KAMAL SHARMA – NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, ODISHA. Second Best Essay- RINI MATHEW, T.MIRACLINE PAUL SUSI – SCHOOL OF LAW , SASTRA UNIVERSITY.

        EDITORIAL POLICY Objectives Primary objective of the SNLC Journal Committee is to initiate legal research at various levels towards bringing about certain desired ends. The SNLC Journal Committee is envisaged to spearhead editorial activities on the ‘Sree Narayana Law College Law Journal’, the peer-reviewed law journal of Sree Narayana Law College, Poothotta. The SNLC Journal Committee shall be responsible for all legal research activities associated with the Sree Narayana Law College, Poothotta, unless otherwise expressly excluded. ACTIVITIES OF SNLC JOURNAL COMMITTEE SNLC Legal Essay Writing Competition The SNLC Journal Committee shall be responsible for hosting this competition. The entries of the competition shall be scrutinised in three stages. Stage # 1- Preliminary Screening This stage involves preliminary scrutiny of all entries by the Student Editorial Committee. All entries which fail to comply with rules of the essay competition are summarily rejected by the committee. Stage # 2- Faculty Screening During the second stage, the faculty coordinators shall critically evaluate each entries so selected by the student editorial committee. Stage # 3 - Expert Screening Final stage is the expert scrutiny which is done by the Principal and such other experts as the Principal may determine. Past Achievements SNLC Journal Committee successfully hosted 1st SNLC Legal Essay Writing Competition, 2014. Topic: Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Work place About 127 entries were received and amongst them 1st Best Essay and 2nd Best Essay has been published. Structure of Sree Narayana Law College Law Journal SREE NARAYANA LAW COLLEGE LAW JOURNAL (ISSN 2350-0824) Sree Naryana Law College Law Journal editorial committee is a three tier editorial committee. They are- a) The Editorial Advisory Committee; b) The Faculty Editors; c) Student Editorial Committee. Editorial Advisory Committee The Editorial Advisory Committee is the apex committee of Sree Narayana Law College Law Journal. It consists of a Patron and such other members as decided from time to time. The Editorial Advisory Committee shall, on the recommendation of the faculty editors, gives final approval for the publication of law journal. The members of the editorial advisory board are an admixture of legal luminaries who championed in their respective fields and ex-officio members of Sree Narayana Law College, Poothotta. The constitution of Sree Narayana Law College Law Journal is: Editorial Advisory Committee Patron Hon’ble Mr. Justice K.T. Thomas (Former Judge, Supreme Court of India) Members Hon’ble Mr. Justice N.N. Mathur (Former Judge, High Court of Rajasthan) Hon’ble Mr. Justice Padmanabhan Nair (Former Judge, High Court of Kerala) Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. Basant (Former Judge, High Court of Kerala) Adv. K. Jayakumar (Senior Advocate) Prof. (Dr.) K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai (Former Director, ILI, Delhi; Former Director, NJA, Bhopal) Prof. (Dr.) I.P. Massey (Professor, NLU, Jodhpur) Prof. (Dr.) M.C. Valsan (Professor, NUALS, Kochi) Mr. E. N. Maniyappan (Manager, SNLC, Poothotta) Adv. Harikrishnan R. (Advocate, Supreme Court of India) Adv. N. Ajith (Advocate, High Court of Kerala) Prof. K.V. Mohanan (Principal, SNLC, Poothotta) The Principal The Principal of Sree Narayana Law College, Poothotta is the publisher of SNLC Law Journal. Faculty Coordinator/Editor The SNLC Journal Committee shall consist of faculty coordinator who is responsible for supervising the activities of the Journal Committee. Student Editorial Committee 1) Chairman/Chairperson 2) Vice-Chairman / Vice-Chairperson 3) Secretary 4) Group Editor 5) Student Members Faculty Editors Mr. Aravind Menon (Asst. Professor, SNLC, Poothotta) Mr. Sridip Nambiar (Asst. Professor, SNLC, Poothotta) Student Editorial Committee Mr. Sajen Thampan (Chairman, SNLC Journal Committee) Mrs. Maya S. Nair (Vice-Chairman, SNLC Journal Committee) Mr. Bilwin Bahuleyan (Secretary, SNLC Journal Committee) Ms. Navya Menon (Group Editor, SNLC Journal Committee) Ms. Krishna G Nath, Member, SNLC Journal Committee Ms. Sruthy Suresh, Member. Ms. Sumi Liza, Member. Ms. Aradhana Devasenan, Member. Mr. Xavier Christopher, Member. Ms. Saranya S, Member. Address of Communication All email communication of the SNLC Journal Committee shall be directed through the email id: Submission of Entries Sree Narayana Law College Law Journal invites legal literature which is broadly classified into three categories: a) Articles (Word limit- 5000- 8000) This consists of long essays and articles on contemporary legal issues lucidly presented, vividly explained, critically analysed and clearly stated. The authors must not resort to vague and general statement. Recent case laws must be included. b) Comments (Word limit- 2000-5000) Authors can write their critical views on recent judgements, legislations or any other policies of legal significance. c) Book reviews (Word limit- upto 2000) Critical analysis of recent legal literature is to be presented here. Writers must ensure that their reviews do not confine within the words of the book. In otherwords, book reviews should not become restatement of words of the book but should become articulation of reviewing author. Author Single author entries are encouraged. However, entries written by multiple authors, not exceeding three are allowed. Covering Letter All entries must be accompanied by a covering letter stating the title, author’s full name, university and year of study and the author’s contact details. It is pertinent to notice that only the cover letter should contain the above mentioned details and not the manuscript. Submissions All submissions must be in MS Word (doc. or docx) or PDF Format. The main text should be written in TIMES NEW ROMAN font, letter sizing 12, justified, paragraph spacing 6 (before & after) and line spacing 1.5. Footnotes should be TIMES NEW ROMAN font, 10 size and line spacing ‘single’. In Book Review, the reviewing author should mention the following aspects of the reviewing literature on the bottom right hand corner of his literature- name of author; title of the book, ISBN Number, Edition, Publisher. Abstract Submissions should also contain an abstract not exceeding 200 words. Font should be TIMES NEW ROMAN 11 size and line spacing 1.15, aligned. Citation With respect to SNLC Law Journal and other publication brought forth by SNLC, SNLC Uniform Legal Citation is followed. SNLC Uniform Legal Citation (SNLCULC) is the broad citation rules uniformly followed by the Sree Narayana Law College, Poothotta with respect to all academic submissions made to it and by it. It prescribes myriad citation formats for law books, peer reviewed journals, statutes, international documents, international conventions, international reports, case laws, law journals, parliamentary and legislative committee reports, newspaper articles, vital statistical reports, electronic resources etc. Specimen of SNLCULC will be published on the college website. Authors, however, can follow Harward Bluebook Citations (19th Edition) or other uniform legal citations in their literature for the time being. Editorial Policy (SNLCLJ) • All submissions must be original. Submissions should not be prior published. The authors should make a declaration with respect to this along with the submission. • All submissions are peer-reviewed. This is a three tier process akin to the editing of entries to the SNLC Legal Essay Writing Competition, except in that the opinion of Editorial Advisory Committee shall be taken as and when required. • Ordinarily there is no impediment for members of the editorial advisory committee, nor faculty members, nor any of the persons associated with SNLC law journal or SNLC to submit their entries. But there will be a capping of not more two entries in each issue, with effect from 2015. • The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject or edit any article whose content is offensive or defamatory or having racist slang or textures, sexist, glorifying terrorism, religiously discriminatory etc. • All plagiarised entries will be summarily rejected. • The submissions should not infringe the copyright or any other right of a third party, if so, the journal disclaims any responsibility for copyright violation or from any other liability. • By submitting their work, the authors grant to the SNLC Law Journal, an exclusive right to publish and reproduce their work in all media. Such right is to be given with the view of observing the doctrine of fair use under intellectual property rights subject to attribution of the author.

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