• A language assistance program was started with the help of our language faculty and it is conducted on every Fridays in the Smart class room.
  • We are having students from other states. The slow learners, students having language problems and other state students are given special assistance. Ms Shamseera our English Lecturer leads the classes.


  • A sick room is available to the students with assistance of a senior Medical Practitioner Dr. Sirabudeen. He visit the campus weekly once and provide all health services to the students.
  • There are 2 beds, a chair and a cupboard in the sick room. A First Aid Kit is also provided.
  • First aid is given to students who are in ill-health and they will be health centres for further medical aid.
  • Room No. 09 is allotted as sick room and the same is in the ground floor.


  • Our college had set up various amenities satisfying the requirements of differently abled students. 
  • There is a Disabled students ramp slope adjacent to the main entrance.
  •  Lift facilities are also available for the students.
  • There are students who write exams with the help of scribe. The institution provides all assistance required and extra time is also given to such students.


  • A moot court hall was set up for students. Room No. 204 is allotted as moot court hall.
  • Moot court hall is capable for conducting internal moot as well as international moot court competitions.
  • An internal moot court competition was conducted from 11th to 13th December 2019. (We are conducting Moot Competitions weekly on every Thursdays)


  • Room No. 205 is allotted for Smart Class and the same was set up there. The students are provided with smart class assistance since 2019 October.
  • Faculty members were given training for conducting classes in the smart class room. Teachers had already taken classes there as Power Point presentations and classes are being regularly taken there.
  • A register is maintained for evidencing use of smart class by faculties.
  • Various training programmes for faculties and students and legal aid/NSS classes are also conducted in the smart class room.
  • Nearly 180 persons can be accommodated in this room.

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