As per the University regulations,each five year student has to undergo an internship for not less than 20 weeks under Non Governmental Organisations,trial advocates, appellate advocates,judiciary, legal regulatory authorities,legislatures and Parliament, other legal functionaries, market institutions, law firms, companies, local selfgovernment and in other legal institutions where such training can be imparted to such students. Students cannot undergo internship in any year continuously for more than 4 weeks. All students are expected to undergo training under trial and appellate advocates not more than twice.

     Each student shall keep an Internship Diary. The Internship Diary shall be prepared and kept by the student in one book so that the evaluator may be able to assess the performance of the student effectively. The Diary shall be kept in such a manner that it shall contain the nature of the training, the total number of days of each session of training and the nature of the work done by the student.

     After each spell of internship, the record, prepared by the student in his own handwriting, shall be signed by the head of the institution where the student has undergone training and the faculty in charge of the student. The student shall be guided and evaluated by the faculty as appointed by the Principal. A student who has to complete more than 4 weeks of internship shall not be promoted to the 10th semester. He can rejoin the course only after the completion of the required weeks of internship in the subsequent batches.

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